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lupita is the best

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Joe Jonas is a fan of Kate Moss and mustaches.

Check out more of his awesome shirt!

I’m slightly disappointed in Kristen Stewart’s life choices.

Find out what hottie is playing her on screen boyfriend!

Her smile was shy and sweet. A lovely girl, thought Tyrion, and a kinder fate than my nephew deserves.

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“Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy.” 
                                                                -F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Make me choose meme: badwolfrun asked Ten from season 2 or season 4/specials

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| MAKE ME CHOOSE | → anon → John Diggle OR Rory Williams

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Paul Wesley is very, very proud!

Find out why here!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are still precious!

Plus, did you know he enjoys being nude?