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Tom Hiddleston taped Hoppus On Music at fuse Studios today (April 30th) in New York City ahead of The Avengers,opening on May 4th.  

Hiddleston recently spoke to NBC Chicago about first starring in Thor as bad boy Loki, and how that led to The Avengers.  ”There’s been some talk about maybe multiple villains in “Avengers,” but I think I want you to do it,’” Hiddleston recalled director Joss Whedon telling him.  

“It was just a joyous moment, because you build something. You build a character from the ground up and with all of his spiritually complex foundations – he’s this second son, an Asgardian prince, someone who’s life is a whole lie He was adopted. He was abandoned. He’s essentially a lost child with a predisposition for mischief and chaos. Having built this character, you can then take him further and evolve him down the line. So it was just a thrill. It really was a thrill.”

Click to see more photos of Tom on Hoppus on Music!

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