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Don’t lie-You’ve had at least one conversation about what kind of mother Kim Kardashian will turn out to be.  For a woman who spends just about every hour of every day taking photos of herself and posting them to Twitter and Instagram, life is about to get weird.

In six month’s time, all attention will be paid to baby Kimye.  No one’s going to care if Kardashian’s hair is voluminous.  They’ll care if her ass grew two sizes or if her boobs are monstrous.  

As far as getting people to fawn over her?  Forget it.  The new mom will be too busy making sure the blessed child doesn’t spit up all over her Balmain top. 

Which brings me to a cautionary tale about babies and jewel-encrusted designs…

*We miss you just as much as you miss us.  Our server got into the booze and things got real bad, real fast.  Once Socialite Life is back up and running, be a dear and pop over for more photos of Kardashian lovin’ herself*

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