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Things are finally looking up for Gabriel Aubry.

First of all, it looks as if his wounds have healed from the beating he got at the hands of Halle Berry's fiancé Olivier Martinez. Although Gabriel was alleged to have started the fight, he clearly came off worse of the two and was left with a black eye, cuts under his left eye, forehead and nose, as well as broken ribs.

Yesterday (January 03, 2013), Gabriel Aubry was spotted arriving for a flight at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) looking as handsome as ever.

Sources have told TMZ that the case has now been resolved, and Aubry will not face punishment as long as he stays out of trouble for a year. 

An anger management program was reportedly an option to avoid prosecution. However, the Los Angeles City Attorney has a policy of neither confirming nor denying specific details of cases.

Here’s to hoping the Aubry, Martinez and Berry can keep the peace.

Nothing else right now has me more disgusted than the custody case between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. I’m blaming you, Halle Berry, for this mess. You can only play on the public’s sympathy so many times. 

Someone on your team put this out there and you’ve allowed the situation to spin out of control. Remaining silent speaks volumes about your character. To let claims like Gabriel having used the “n-word” just hang out there isn’t cool. If your (or your camp’s) claims are true, say so yourself. If they are not true, say so yourself. 

Once your teams’ accusations were out there, Gabriel’s camp responded with their own accusations. This is disappointing as well, but in reality, not that shocking. While Gabriel is claiming that he doesn’t want to reveal what dirt he has on Halle, information is beginning to leak out (she’s jealous and controlling).

I just don’t understand the motivation for wanting those accusations (true or not) to be made public? Obviously, if the racist rumors are true, that’s a horrific thing, and Gabriel is a horrible person. Regardless, who would want allow that information to be put out there in the public (or allow it to be without commenting on the accusations) about their daughter’s father?

The sad part of all of this is that your daughter Nahla Aubry is the one who is losing in this situation. The three of you went on a family vacation just this past August. I’m guessing there won’t be many more family vacations in the near future. That’s really sad for her. For being so concerned about their daughter, and letting the situation escalate like this in public, is just plain awful.