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According to Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney is kind of weird. Honestly, this does not surprise me. 

Check out what else Gaga had to say about her beau!

Glee is going Katy Perry and Lady Gaga crazy. Are we excited? 



is that hermione granger

It’s LeviOsa not levio-ra-ra-ah- ah-aaah.

THAT HAIR! Hermione Gaganger? 

Haha!!! Luckily I amuse myself. 

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Lady Gaga For President

Lady Gaga Skinny Dipping With Boyfriend Taylor Kinney 

An icon in her own respect, she has been noted for her countless jaw-dropping wardrobe selections. Lets not forget the all-meat dress ensemble she wore during the 2010 MTV Music video awards!  But it is not what she is wearing that the buzz is about, its the lack of any material in a newly released photograph of her and boyfriend, Taylor Kinney cozying up in a pool together nude. The photograph was posted to her twitter page with her caption’ T and Me’.

The twosome appear completely entranced in each others’ presence. The relationship lies beyond the photograph, surely this was a moment these two savored after the debacle in May of which, the initial drive for their separation was due to conflicting schedules. However, it is clear now that the two are willing to work things out to ensure a constant relationship despite busy work obligations.

The couple met on the set of her music video least year titled ‘You and I’ and they have been dating ever since

Ouch! That had to hurt!

Lady Gaga was hit by a metal pole during the middle of her Auckland show last night. Gaga was performing Judas on stage when a backup performer accidentally dropped the pole on her head.

“I want to apologize,” she told the crowd. “I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion but don’t you worry I will finish this show.”

The star continued with the concert for another 16 songs, reported.

Lady Gaga’s stylist, Tara Savelo, also confirmed it on Twitter overnight: “Gaga has a concussion but she is going to be okay. She wants u to know she loves u. I’m taking care of her.cant believe she finished the show.”

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Every year, Forbes likes to remind us how much money we aren’t making by telling us how much money the most powerful celebrities are earning. In the past, the list was formulated by measuring the amount of money each celebrity makes, but in light of changing times and the influence of social media, newer measurements have been inducted including their rankings in press, tv/radio appearances, and web traffic.

Check out the gallery to see the 10 celebrities who topped the list this year.

Lady Gaga was seen arriving at Narita International airport to catch a flight in Tokyo, Japan. The singer wore a Chanel jacket that just grazed the bottom of her tush, and fishnet stockings, along with some towering platform heels.

Gaga, 26, was heading off to Taiwan to play two nights at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall as part of her Born This Way ball.

There’s still hope that Lady GaGa will perform in Indonesia despite the permit and opposition issues. Promoter Big Daddy Productions recently posted a message on its Twitter page to inform Little Monsters that they were fighting to get the concert allowed to be held as scheduled. 

“Little monsters, be patient please. We will keep you updated. We are still fighting,” the company tweeted. Its spokesman Arif Ramadhoni additionally told AFP, “We are still in the process of finding a way to do it, and we ask for everyone’s patience and forgiveness for the trouble.”

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I dare you to select the best of these two photos.  One was of Lady Gaga taken at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, and the other was taken on stage Saturday night by Terry Richardson.  The interweb is calling this updated version “Meat Dress 2.0.”

No word on whether the more recent carnivorous look is real, but it’s certainly a cuter cut (I can’t avoid puns here, guys.  I just can’t).  I’m a sucker for bubble skirts!

We’re way passed the point of shock value when it comes to Gaga, so now it’s just a matter of “Who Wore It Best”: the original or 2.0?

Give the meat look a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down after the jump.

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