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Yesterday was the first day back on the set of Lifetime’s The Client List for Jennifer Love Hewitt, but today scored higher for the most captivating costumes.  

Hewitt headed out of her trailer wearing a space costume consisting of tight blue, silver and white body suit with wedge sneakers.  Hewitt then made a change into a very cute midriff top and skirt.  Season two of The Client list airs in May.

The Huffington Post reports that Hewitt will executive produce a Pride & Prejudice-type of series for the network, tentatively titled Darcy’s Town.  Hewitt also managed to unload her Toluca Lake home for $2.15 million.  

The home is quite nice, but Hewitt made it into the ultimate 80s bachelorette pad.  We’re talking pink walls, floral this and that, fuggerson carpets, mirrored closets.  Hey, at least there’s a pool and an outdoor cabana.